Saturday, December 01, 2007

Annie Modesitt Part 2

kay, where did I leave off with all of you? Oh yes...Jill and I were on our way to see Annie :-)

I think the class was at 8:00 am which wasn't that bad for me as I only live about 30 minutes away from Knitted Peace. But for Jill who lives at least 1 hour away that means her day had to start a lot sooner than mine. However, it was all worth it.

We both pulled into the parking lot at the same time which means I WAS ON TIME! Those of you who know me know I am NEVER on time! Well, we pulled our knitting bags out of the car, giggled a bit out of excitement and made our way into the class.

The excitement was about to over take me the minute I walked in to the class. So many people there with knitting needles out, yarn all over the place, smiles on their faces and laughter. Man, I love laughter; it can always make me have a good time.

Funny enough, when Jill and I walked in to the class we noticed a familiar face. Nan, a woman who went on our trip to Brown Sheep Mill was there ! We exchanged pleasantries and made our way over to the table to buy our ticket.

After Jill and I purchased our tickets and hand wrote out our name tags (every body else who didn't wait for the last minute to join in on the fun had computer typed ones) we picked two seats and started to settle in for our class.

I put my knitting basket down on the floor next to my chair and started to take off my coat. But my stomach was turning because of the butterflies! There was a slight murmur over the crowd but nobody really talking to the whole group...really unifying the group. WELL, loud mouth Marly couldn't even handle it!

"Is every one as EXCITED as I am to be here?" I asked everybody. Almost everybody looked to see who was talking and immediately started to say yes and began to tell stories from the class the previous day and how much fun Annie was and yada, yada, yada.

Awww, fulfillment...I had addressed the group and by acknowledging my own excitement my nerves were settling down. I know, those of you who are introverts think of that and want to puke...but not me...I LOVE to speak publicly! Anyway, Jill and I sat down and glanced around the room.

What were we looking for? Nothing in particular, and nothing out of the ordinary, just really taking it all in...we were at a class by ANNIE MODESITT!!! First glance around I noticed immediately that EVERYBODY was using "nice" wool for these practice projects.

LOL, not Jill and I! Jill had Red Heart and I was using Caron Simply Soft. The way we saw it was why use a "good" wool for a beginner learning project? That calls for stashed acrylic all the way...right?

Second glance, there she is...walking in the door...headphones in her ears...concentrated look on her face...making a dash for the coffee. I felt like I had a knot in my throat. Then it hit me, what if Annie has no idea who I am?

Now, this might sound strange but to those of you who have listened to the podcast know that I have really talked up Annie and have went out of my way to make sure to mention her medical circumstances and what not. I also know that she knows I have mentioned her several times in the podcast. And now, here I am literally in the same room as this woman who I adore and what if she Doesn't Know Who I AM? ...Panic...

When Annie began the class she walked around the room handing out the paper for the class. When she came to Jill and I she noticed that we had hand written out our name tags. Then she said, "You two wrote your name tags".

AUGHHHHH, she has seen my name, she has seen Jill's name and NOTHING...NOT a WORD of hey, nice to meet you! Glad you came to the class! OMG...she must think I am a stalker and is just avoiding*t!

Okay, so we began the class. Oh, I forgot to mention that Cheryl Oberle was sitting RIGHT NEXT TO US!!! Talk about a treat. Um, okay, class was going okay and it was time for intermission.

I took that time to go to the bathroom. I walked into the bathroom and who was there washing her hands at the sink? ANNIE!! Now, the next thing that happened made me so happy that writing it out really doesn't capture the joy but here goes.

Annie saw me walk in through my reflection in the mirror. She turned around...and said to me, "I got your e-mail last night. I am so happy to meet you and Jill."


I was so excited I literally said the first thing that was in my mind...

"OH, I am SO glad you know who I am! It is always so weird to "meet" somebody over the internet and then meet them in person. You never know what to expect! I am so happy to meet you." Mind you, all the while I was grabbing her sopping wet hands, patting her on the back giving her a half hug and expressing my joy while she is...sort of pinned against the stall.

Now that I think back, she could have definately been thinking STALKER!!! LOL!

Anyway, I did release her and let her dry her hands :-) I went to the bath room and kept thinking "She knows who I am :-)"

See how Jill holds one needle under her armpit? She is SO FAST! I just can't do it this boobs are too big :-)

So, not much more to say about the day other than of course speed demon Jill had a swatch that was double the size of mine and hers actually worked where mine was...let's just say it wasn't what it was supposed to be :-)

WTF is that?

At the end of the class I did ask Annie to take a picture with me and she did! I even told her to "act like you like me" when we took the picture LOL! I thought it was funny.

So, to end this post...enjoy some pictures of the day :-)


P.S. I am working on posting more often! Promise :-)

You know, I only got two comments on the last post so maybe you all don't care about this but I am going to post this anyway :-)


Jean said...

Ooh, what a thrill to meet her. She's definitely a knitting goddess. I'm glad you got to go.

Saffron said...
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Saffron said...

Oh, Thanks so much for this post!!! I so wanna take an Annie Moddisett class!!

Looking forward to the next post! :)

mamascraalota said...

Man, am I jealous. That would have been so dang fun. I just love her.

Throws Like A Girl said...

Heh. You designer stalker you. Grins.

Catie said...

we totally do care about hearing all about your experiences - come on it is like getting an extra dose of Marly. I'm so glad you got to go to this class.

Valerie said...

I'm reading and I care!!!! I just have to stand up while I do it so I don't leave comments cuz it's a pain to lean over and type...{whine}... Anyway, I love your Annie story. Happy Birthday, too!!!

ericah64 said...

Dahlink, we ALWAYS care, whether we comment or not! ;-D