Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Intoxication

What is it about this time of year that clouds our minds? I mean, any other time of the year I know that completing 7 pairs of socks, 3 shawls and 2 felted bags in a month is an insane plan. BUT, When Dec. 1 hits...all of a sudden I think it is do-able! What is up with that?

I even tried to help myself by starting the Holiday Kal-Cal in order to help me get started early on my knitting and crochet. Did that help? Ironically, it helped all the other participants who are making such wonderful things but me...I have only completed ONE thing!!!! HOLY COW, I don't understand! This was supposed to help me and instead I just feel more stressed than ever because now I have not only myself to who knows what I have done and not done BUT I have all the HOLIDAY ELVES holding me accountable.

What have I done? LOL!

Actually, I am really enjoying the Holiday Kal-Cal. Talk about really giving me a kick out of my comfort zone. There are some WONDERFUL things getting made and now, I WANT TO MAKE EVERYTHING!!! When do I get the time? *deep sigh*

Right now, I am working on my sisters socks (Lion Brand Wool-Ease on size 3 DPNs) and need to cast on for my brothers tonight!!! I have the yarn already; Mirasol Peru Hacho 100% Dyed Marino Wool #307..OMG...I am in LOVE with this yarn!!! It is a thicker weight yarn so the socks will be made on size 5 dpn's so I should have the socks done by tomorrow night.

I have been purchasing a lot of GREAT yarns lately with my 150 dollar gift card from Knit Knack! Does this mean I am beginning to become a Yarn Snob? Say it ain't so! No, I don't think I am because I still see the usefulness of good old acrylic.

That is if I can stay focused on them. I am having a serious case of project A.D.D! Usually, I don't have that problem. IF I am working on a project THAT I LIKE I tend to stay true to it. But for some odd reason, again, it is the Christmas Intoxication, I start to think that as long as I have the project on the needles or hook that means the project will get done in time. (don't laugh...this is possible)

Sidetrack Sally: My dumb computer is a piece of crap...every time I pull up the Kodak Easy Share software the computer freezes and I can't get any dang pictures on here. Hopefully I can get some pictures on here before I post this...

Okay, I am officially going to make my Christmas List since it literally is 14 days away!!! The order is the planned order to make things. GOOD LUCK TO ME!!

DISCLAIMER...if you are part of my Christmas List
you are not allowed to
read past this line.
Have a nice day ;-)

Christmas List 2007

Updated 12-17-2007
  1. Sister: Socks size 10 womans foot complete
  2. Brother: Socks size 13 mans foot complete
  3. Husband: Socks size 14 mans foot
  4. Dad: Socks size 13 mans foot
  5. Sister in Law: Scarf complete
  6. Brother in Law: Socks size 11 mans foot complete
  7. Mom: Dishcloths
  8. Grandma: Dishcloths
  9. Nephews: I have no idea
  10. Toothpick Optional Purse complete
  11. Surprise Gift
  12. Surprise Gift
  13. Surprise Gift
  14. Surprise Gift...I don't trust these people NOT to look at the list! :-)
Okay, I need to get to my knitting...oh actually, I need to get the Patriot Purse Pattern (coming soon) written and put up on The Purse Workshop.

Actually, I just started a sign up for The Purse Workshop Monthly which is a newsletter for the site!! Go and sign up :-)


Anonymous said...

I know exactly how you feel! I joined the KAL-CAL for the same reason. I've so far finished two Transformers scarves and hats--but didn't have time to take pictures before I wrapped them up for the holiday party I went to over the weekend. Tonight I'm attempting to complete six amigurumis.

Knitted Gems said...

I hate raining on people's parades, but it seems like you need a dose of reality. There is no way you are going to knit 4 pairs of socks (that's 8 socks!) in two weeks and we're not even talking about the dishcloths. I vote for you buying the knitted socks and just saying you made them. They'll never know AND you won't be stressed out and up till 3am on Christmas morning.
Just trying to help....

Allegra said...

i am loving the mirasol yarns. have yet to buy any, but i'm admiring from afar. good luck with all the knitting. i decided to only make my DH a sweater for christmas and i'm worried i won't finish it in time!

caednkat said...

I feel your pain. My Christmas list has came to a standstill. I need to get busy on it, but when. If I could just go without sleep from now until Christmas I would be fine.

Courtney said...

I thought of you last week when I bought a bunch of Wool Ease at Michael's. I also love the Marisol yarns, but for bulky elf hats, Thick and Quick is the way to go.

The Gourmet Goddess said...

I think every good knitter/crocheter is having the same problem with delisions of FOs. My mom actually said to me today "I think you are doing too much". Does 13 days before Christmas seem like a good time to tell me this?!?!?! Crap, I must go knit. Sad part, I have some knitting planned for Christmas day for people I will see over the holidays and I can wait until then to start those projects. I'll still be knitting holiday items well into the new year, I can just see it...

Jean said...

Good luck to you, you brave, intrepid Christmas knitter. May your yarn be soft, your needles smooth and your fingers fast.

knitting2relax said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah...just be happy your kids haven't brought home lice from the petri dish of elementary school where you'd have to stop your x-mas knitting.

OK, I've vented. On to being encouraging. LOL

Good luck with your knitting Sherlock! You can get it done. If you can exercise and knit, you can do anything.


Valerie said...

Reality, schmeality!

Go get 'em, tiger!

Donna said...

You go girl! You can do it!

Rah Rah Rah.....

kaoticorchid said...

Hope you had a good Christmas! Have a Happy New Year!

Alma said...

The people on your list of knitted gifts are very lucky. I hope they appreciate it!
(And have you tried downloading a new version of Kodak EasyShare from their website? There may be fixes or something....)