Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What are you Working on Now?

Well, like I have said before the Christmas Knitting and Crochet is finished. Now I am looking around my room and trying to figure out what to work on next. What are you working on? Is it something for yourself?

I think we should vow to make something for ourselves this time of year, don't you?

So, I thought I might show you all pictures and tell you the story of me making the Toothpick Optional bag I made!

If you don't know the story behind this bag you must not listen to the She-Knits Podcast. To catch you up to date Sharon is the host of She-Knits and is a prolific felted knit bag designer. Well, Sharon and I have really been holding each others hand when it comes to submitting to magazines. She finally got the courage to submit to knitty.

Sharon took a lot of time thinking of what the perfect submission would be. She thought to herself that the average Knitty reader is hip, trendy, appreciates fun and funky and most of all quick projects are always a hit. So, after reviewing her patterns she decided that the wristlet that had the apple martini on the front was a perfect submission.

The great thing about this pattern is that it can really push a knitter out of the box. The apple martini motif on the bag is knit in intarsia. What better way to experiment with a new technique than on something that will be felted (hides all the mistakes).

When I found out that Sharon chose this bag to submit I knew it was perfect and that she was going to get in the e-zine. I just KNEW yet another friend of mine was going to be published! As the time got closer and closer to the publishing date and she hadn't heard anything I knew in my heart of hearts that she was IN.

Sadly to say, in the last possible hour Sharon received an email from Amy Singer saying that they loved the pattern but it was not chosen for the issue. AWWWWW! Sharon was bummed, I was bummed, her listeners were bummed, how could this be? It was the perfect project.

Surly there are restrictions that are necessary when taking on the task of publishing Knitty but to me, this project was perfect for this time of year. The wristlet is perfect for Holiday parties that we are all going to; not to mention a NEW YEARS PARTY! It is also so fast to make!

Okay, let's get on with my story.

After Sharon told me she didn't get accepted I told her not to worry. I knew that all of her loyal listeners would see the pattern and just have to have one for themselves so she should put it up for sale in her sheknitsforknitters.com shop. She has and the pattern is doing really well.

I got the pattern from Sharon and immediately started to search through my stash for all the colors it called for. She uses Brown Sheep Yarn Lambs Pride Bulky for her wristlet but I didn't have any of that yarn in the colors needed. So, I called Sharon (who happened to be recording a podcast episode and included our phone call on the show) and asked her if it was okay to double up worsted weight yarn instead of using the bulky?

YES! That was it, I was set! I had every color needed to make the bag and I casted on for the bag at 10:00 am and by 2:00 pm I was tucking in my ends (cleaning it up), had it in the washer to felt by 3:00 and used it at 7:00 that night!

In the middle of making the bag I called Sharon and told her how much fun it was to make and repeated that Knitty was CRAZY for not accepting it!

I also called my BFF Tara who is one of my only single friends and is a huge fan of dancing and told her I just made her the perfect Christmas gift. The only catch was that I had to use it that night but after that it was all hers. ( I know, great friend huh?) She laughed at me and said she couldn't wait to see it.
I decided I was going to go ahead and line the bag and make the lining larger than the bag and use a drawstring to sinch it up then tuck the lining into the bag. Does that make sense?

Okay, here is the problem now.
I purchased the lining and the drawstring but can't find the BAG!!!

I know my 5 year old was in love with the bag and I am convinced that she has taken it and hidden it. She asked me if I would make her one and I laughed to myself. What would the people at church think of my DD walking into Sunday School with a purse that has an apple martini on it! LOL. Quickly, I told DD..."We will see." (the ultimate mom response)

Now, I have to find the bag, line it and give it to Tara. If it turns our that I can't find it I guess I will just have to make another one *grins...snaps fingers...shucks :-)*

You ready for pictures? Here is a LOAD of them...have fun!


tina said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog--- I appreciate it!!

Now---thank YOU for the enjoyment over the holidays, I've watched the flurry and you DID get a ton done-- yay!

You are SO right, we deserve to knit something for ourselves! I was pretty crazy doing my own Christmas prep and "Knitting Contrisstmas" and now have a bit more time for personal knitting. I've cast on for Cable Luxe and find that I just can't get into the groove past the yoke. Sigh. It's always something!

Now, where IS your cute bag??? (and you are right, it is adorable!)

toni said...

Happy 2008! I'm sure you'll make another one, whether you find the absconded first one or not, 'cause you deserve something totally cute (and really quick to knit), too.

I've enjoyed your podcast this year and look forward to more.

Thanks for your bubbly enthusiasm and friendly, breezy, totally approachable style.

Yarn Thing said...

Toni thanks for the very kind words! It really has been a pleasure for me too.



ChelleC said...

Marly that bag is darling. I bet your little girl abscounded (sp?) with it.

I like your idea of knitting for ourselves. I'm finishing up my Grammy's Christmas shawl and then I'm back to stuff for me.

Michelle said...

Hi Marly, I wanted to drop by and say that I LOVE your podcast and look forward to it very much. I've just finished listening to all the previous episodes and I KNOW I'll listen to them again.

You asked on your podcast for us to ask you somw questions. I'd like to know how you and your girlfriends cope with kids and craft. I'm a single Mum so I'm limited to when I can go out with a two year old, but our Yahoo group Knit4Charities has just started a knit and knatter at my place, just before Christmas. I joined this group last year and I've been able to donate crocheted beanies, blankets, poncho's, dolly blankets etc. I enjoy it so much.

It's great having it at my place so Toby is in his own surroundings (he's 2).

I'm in Melbourne Australia, take a look at my blog and you'll see I made a version of your Funky Felted Crochet Bag. I SO enjoyed it and am making another one which, hopefully will felt better.

Keep those podcasts coming girl, we all love you.
Love and Hugs
Michelle in Australia xxx


Jenn said...
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Jenn said...

Hi Marly!

I just adore your podcast!
I am an intermediate crocheter from Palatine, IL (NW 'burbs of Chicago) and I am always looking for new crochet ideas.
Currently, I have a ripple baby blanket on the hook for a girlfriend of mine's baby that's due next month & a shawl/ wrap for my mama that is done using a double diamond net stitch.
I really love listening to your podcast, and wear my iPod constantly, chuckling to myself : )
Keep up the good work!
Jenn Fleece
Palatine, IL