Monday, November 03, 2008

Tooth Pain day 3

Went to two dentist today.

DEAR FRIEND NICOLE took my kids for the first part of the day and brother took them for the second half of the day!!! THANK YOU BOTH!!!

The first dds. got me in at 9:00 am, took x-rays and said that I have a root canal that went bad and now had an absess on my #2 tooth. She referred me to a endodontist. But, before I left her office she numbed my tooth and gave me prescription for Amoxicillian and Vicodin.

9:30 am, off to make an appointment with the endodontist...they are booked up until Nov.17. I began to ball like a baby. FYI...the numbing that the first dentist did...wasn't working and I was in more pain than before I went because she tapped on said sore tooth with a metal instrument to make sure it was the one that was hurting me. OH YEAH....I was having some serious 10 on the pain scale pain!!!

Went to Walgreens to get meds...was told can't take Vicodin until I am no longer driving!!! Still in profuse pain!!!! Began to cry even more so what do I do...Call John of course!!! I had to tell him just how badly I hurt.

Called dentist who had actually done the root canal on tooth #2 like 5 years ago. Got his receptionist on the phone, Darla. Poor Darla, in the midst of me sniffling, sobbing and crying out, "Oh MY GOD, I hurt so much!!!" she understood that I needed to get in to see him NOW!!!

Had an appointment for 11:30 am. Sat in chair. Dr. Wyman is not the friendliest dentist...his bed side manner sucks...but he is GOOD!!!! REALLY GOOD!!! When he saw me crying in his chair I think he wanted to shoot me full of sleeping drugs right then just so he wouldn't have to deal with me.

They too did xrays. He told me he was going to have to pull the tooth because there was no way to save it. I was thinking to myself... I DON'T CARE...JUST STOP THE PAIN!!!!

By 1:30pm I was put "under" and my tooth was pulled out of my mouth. My dad came to pick me up because you can't drive after being sedated. He drove me to Starbucks and got me a carmal frap that I was able to eat with a spoon. Then,. he took me home as his foreman drove my Suburban behind us so I didn't have to leave my car at the dentist office.

Now, I am home, with my 3 kids. Still haven't taken the Vicodin because I don't want to fall asleep while the kids are here with me alone. Once John gets home I will take meds and go to sleep!

Chat with you all later.

ETA: it is now 8:30 pm and I have had 2 Vicodin...feeling high...crazy stuff man.


KnitWit said...

Poor thing!

Get some rest. =)

Crochetlocket said...

DRAT! I already found homes for my crochet tooth fairy pillows!! aka mr and miss toothy... hee heeee.... In all seriousness.. I am glad that it all worked out!
I was thinking of you today!

Nell said...

Poor girl! Tooth pain is the worst. I hope tomorrow is a much better day.

knitting2relax said...

I hope you feel better today. Major hugs.

Anonymous said...

im so glad you are doing better. WTF about the other dentist dude who coldnt get you in till like the 12 ??? are they out of their damn minds?

Karen said...

OH Marly! So sad! You know I know what you are going through. Let me know if I can help!!! I hope you are feeling better.

StarSpry said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear you were in so much pain!! I hope you're feeling better now.

Diane said...

Gosh, can I ever relate to your pain! I'm on antibiotics right now and waiting to get in for my root canal in TWO weeks! I had another one done a month ago on the other side of my mouth, and now the opposite side flares up! UGH!!! UGGGGGGGGGGGH!!