Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tooth Pain

I am sitting here in so much pain.

My molar on the top of my right side is throbbing and I have croc. tears running down my face. Why does it have to hurt so much? Pain, so much pain and pressure. I just want to take a pair of pliers and pull the tooth out myself!!!!!

Dr. Flood dds. Please, have an opening in the morning so I can get in right away! I hurt so badly!


Nell said...

Oh NO!!!!! I'm sending good tooth and good appointment vibes your way!

Crochetlocket said...

yikes... I am thinking of you.. and hoping that you are NOT having any difficulty once you lay your head to rest... ew... if it is an absess..... then I know the feeling! Hope everything works out!
Keep all metal objects out of your mouth though, ok? NO SELF PULLING! heeeeee!
try ambesol? yep the teething medication stuff..??

villapeikko said...

Oh, it's awful! Hope you'll get the appointment soon and the tooth pain will soon be history!

Rabbit9 said...

If you have any clove oil rub it on your gums and it will help to stop the pain. I really hope you feel better soon.

knitting2relax said...


My dentist leaves emergency appointment slots in the calendar each day. I hope yours does too.