Saturday, October 18, 2008


Halloween is super fun!
I love dressing up, getting candy, picking pumpkins...but I HATE TO CLEAN OUT THE INSIDE OF A PUMPKIN!!! Seriusly, so much so that I have not participated in the past couple of years that John and the kids have carved pumpkins. Just not that interested in it.

So, imagine my excitement when my BFF Tara invited John and I over for a pumpkin carving contest (for adults only) instead of our regular stitch and bitch night :-(
As much as I LOVE T and JP I have to admit that I immediately started to dread the task of cleaning out the pumpkin. All that slimy stuff, and seeds, and slimy stuff...YUCK! Why did she have to pick that for our night out together?

Well, on Friday (the night of the contest) I happened to be at Jo-Anns looking for yarn. They didn't have the yarn I needed but what did I see? FAKE pumpkins...not just FAKE pumpkins but FAKE pumpkins that are TOTALLY CARVEABLE!!

I was doing the happy dance!! That wsa just what I needed. Not oley were they FAKE pumpkins that were TOTALLY CARVEABLE but were marked $4.99 each! That is even cheaper than a real pumpkin...right? SOLD!!!

Long story short, I ended up going to Tara's house alone (babysitter couldn't make it afterall). I walked in the door and showed the group my amazing find. I don't think they were as impressed as I was...that is until they began to clean out thier MONSTER pumpkins! It became very clear that I had the right idea!!!

So, Tara had set up prizes for most scary, most creative and funniest pumpkin. Cool, prizes, contest=competition!! OH YEAH!!

Everybody else started to use the charted out things you can buy at the store to carve their pumpkin. I thought that was cheating so I tried to think of something that I could easily carve and would be fun. My logo for the podcast instantly popped in my head and I started to sketch out my design on my pumpkin.

An hour or so later this is what I had.

Halloween Logo

I won most creative! COOL huh? Now, for me carving pumpkins is not so bad. As long as I have a FAKE pumpkin that is TOTALLY CARVEABLE!! lol!!!

Happy Halloween!


Kelly said...

Cute pumpkin! We carved some of those last year and the best part is you can reuse them!

Virtuous said...

I hate carving out pumpkins for the same exact reasons!!

I thought you hit JACKPOT too! LOL
I never knew there are fake pumpkins out there! Thank goodness someone had the genius idea b/c they hate doing it too! Haha!

Luv your design!! AND it lasts forever!!! :oD

knitting2relax said...

That is totally cool! Can't wait to see your costume this year.

Anonymous said...

What a great find! I love what you did with yours! So cute! You are so creative!

Miss you!

Crochetlocket said...

Love your post... the slimey stuff... the slimey stufff....ewwwwww... heeeee
good idea for the pumpkin fake-alicious! wooo hooo! BUT DONT YOU LIKE TO EAT roasted seeds? hmmm.. yum yum.. WARNING DO NOT EAT THE FOAM MaTERIAL FROM YOUR clone-kin k?
Take care!!!!!

Nell said...

Cool! So neat!

CitabriaG said...

That is what the kiddo and I have planned for the holiday. Fake pumpkins that we used as Thanksgiving decor are going to be permanant holiday decor for Halloween. She is going to do a wildcat/werewolf on hers. not sure what I will make though..
Love the easy craft projects.

StarSpry said...

Very cool pumpkin! Congrats on winning for most creative :)