Tuesday, January 25, 2011

From Coast to Coast

I can't believe so much has happened since I last posted. Of course, there were the holidays with my family, which was awesome but we didn't have any snow in Denver. What's up with that?

Once the New Year started, things got crazy. In mid January, I joined many of you at TNNA in Long Beach.  Did you see my piece in the fashion show?  It's the gorgeous red shell on the runway!  I was home for a week and then off to New York for Vogue Knitting Live with Carl and Eileen from Bijou Basin Ranch. (Hey, did I ever tell you that I'm the Creative Director over there? No? Well just wait until I tell you about our latest photo shoot!) So Vogue Knitting was a BLAST. Did you stop in and join me at BBR's Yarn Tasting? I met so many people, I couldn't believe. I met people in the industry that I've looked up to for years, and just as much fun, fans of my own! One person in particular came up and told me about an email of hers that I'd responded to, that totally made my day. And I saw one of my patterns "in the wild"! There it was, my Hydroponic Tunic walking by, I had to get a picture.  Next, I'm off to CHA in LA. I've never spent so much time in the air in my life!

I'm about to dash off to lunch but I can't wait to sit down again and tell you about all the patterns I've got coming out!  They're in books, online, all over the place.  Let me just give you a little taste, and then you can come back for more updates soon.  I had so much fun embellishing this one from the Spring 2011 Collection for Bijou Basin Ranch.  (Their yarn comes in colors now!)

Pattern:  Yulian
Model:  the gorgeous Natalie
Photos by:  Karen Juliano

Sometimes a simple design just needs a little touch of something extra to make it special. The trailing cherry blossom branches use chain stitch and french knots to adorned the collar and down the front of the shoulders. These finishes create an understated elegance that needs no other embellishment.

Finished Bust Sizes: 31¼ (33½, 35¾, 38, 39½, 42, 44¼, 46½, 48, 50¼, 52½, 54¾, 56¼, 58¾, 61, 63¼, 64¾, 67)” 79.5 (85, 91, 96.5, 100.5, 106.5, 112.5, 118, 122, 127.5, 133.5, 139, 143, 149, 155, 160.5, 164.5, 170) cm

Finished Length: 20¼ (20½, 21¾, 22, 22¼, 22½, 22¾, 23, 23¼, 24½, 24¾, 35, 35¼, 25½, 26¾, 27, 27¼, 27½)” 51.5, 52, 55, 56, 56.5, 57, 57.5, 58.5, 59, 62, 62.5, 63.5, 64, 64.5, 68, 68.5, 69, 69.5) cm

Shown in size 38 96.5 cm
For more photos and to purchase the pattern go here.

One more thing, it's time to submit your nominations for the Crochet Liberation Front's Flamies!  Don't forget to nominate your friendly neighborhood podcaster!  (that's me :))

More later, come back with a big cup of coffee!

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Karen said...

You're an awesome designer, I'm glad to see you getting the nods you deserve :)