Tuesday, September 26, 2006


If you are anything like me you tend to procrastinate; not on any one thing inparticular but on just about everything... I do not descriminate. It has always been that way with me, school work, work work, house work, working out it really doesn't matter what it is, if I can put it off I will. Well ladies and gents, this year it all ends. I refuse to be that Knitter who is crazily thinking on Dec. 20th that I can get an afghan, two scarf/hat sets and a baby sweater done in time for a Dec. 25th reveal.

NO, this year I am getting it all DONE by Dec. 20th (that leaves a 5 day cusion). That said, here is the alarm clock...90 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS! That means, with 12 gifts that I want to get done before Christmas each gift can take no longer than 7.5 days to complete. Is this possible: Heck Ya!

Where to begin?
I look at my pattern books for the perfect gift...

I look at my Stash for the perfect yarn...

Can you see my delema? Possiblities are endless!


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