Thursday, September 28, 2006

My Mission

The mission, should you choose to accept it is
John's Blanket aka: The Nemesis.

The Yarn Harlot writes about her nemesis in her book by the same title. As I read her encounter with the green monster that she was making for her brother I couldn't help but feel her pain. I too have a nemesis lurking in my closet; actually in my basement.

Here it is, my Nemesis! This blanket has been in the making for almost 4 and a half years (I could not make that up). I almost cannot believe it myself.

John picked this blanket pattern out of one of my many pattern books...As a wedding gift. When he chose this one I thought that I could be done in no time. After all, I crochet like a mad woman and can get almost anything done in no time. Piece of cake, famous last words.

Fast forward 4 years later and you still have a half finished blanket! Oh yes, it looks simple enough and don't get me wrong...It is...But those damn granny squares take their toll on a person when you have made some where in the 200's. I got the first 60 or so done in a day and a half, no problem. It was when I started the rest of the 140 that I started to get really, REALLY bored with the entire project. So, what do you do when you get tired of a project? You start another project. We kid ourselves by saying things like, "it's to get rejuvenated, when I am done with this I will be ready to tackle the blanket again".

In the early days, my husband would say to me, "boy oh boy, I sure could use a nice blanket to snuggle up with tonight". In the early days, I would give him a quick glance, a smile and reassure him he would have his blanket as soon as I finished blanket. Sadly, after the baby blanket there was no going back to the Nemesis. I needed more...rejuvination. There has been a sweater, twenty-eight scarves, nine ponchos, four hats, four pairs of socks five more baby blankets and God knows how many no sew/tie fleece blankets. The funny thing is...or as yourself this...How many of those are my husbands? ONE, a scarf I made him to wear to the Broncos game last year. Yup, that's it. I know what you are thinking...Marlaina...Get the darn blanket done.

I actually thought the same thing and started to finally piece together the squares that I had done. One by one, tucking in the ends, matching up the side and seaming them together like it was no big deal. Who was I kidding, it was a big deal! I was at last putting this monster together for my ever so patient, kind, supportive and loving husband. As I connected each strip to the next I would look over at him sitting on the couch. I was yearning for some kind of excitement. Something, anything at all...a glance to see how my progress was going; a remark about how good it looked; an uncontrollable shout "Hallelujah" to show his joy. Did I get it? Nope, instead I got the condescending remark, "I am not going to get too happy that you are finally touching my blanket after so long. I will be happy when it is done!" Can you believe it? He had no confidence that my new found dedication to this thorn in my side was permanent. He did not think I was actually going to get this thing done, once and for all, DONE.

Well, here it is two months later and the damn thing is still as far along as it was when he made the no confidence comment. The way I see it, it is his own fault. If he would have been supportive I would have gotten the thing done and given it to him proudly...I might have even put a smile on my face about the dumb thing. (that is it Marly, keep telling yourself it is his fault) Instead, it is sitting in my basement, next to the other four UFO's that I want to finish.

There it is, sitting there, taunting me, mocking whispers to me as I sit here typing. "Finish me, just finish me!" The rest of it is sitting in a basket just laughing at me...see?

The blanket has to be finished. It is go time. Here's the mission. On top of the Christmas gifts that I have to finish (which are now at 16) I am adding John's blanket (I hear you laughing!) His birthday is just around the corner, three weeks to be exact. That is enough time to get it done. If I bring the squares that I don't have done in the car with me and work on them instead of my socks I think I could get more done than I can imagine. Then, it would only be tucking in the ends, seaming it all together and sticking a border on it. Can I do it? Sure, I am a woman, I am a Knitter, I am a Crocheter, I am...insane....I am an insane woman Knitter Crocheter.



Kara said...

You can do it - I have confidence in you - Do it for John - just think if you do get it done - It won't be there to bug you anymore

Anonymous said...

I think we all have projects like this, Marly. I made a guitar strap for my BIL almost a year ago and it's done except for sewing the backing fabric on it and blocking it (before the sewing, of course) and I just can't motivate to do it. It's always "right after this project" or next time I'm out I'll pick a GREAT backing and that will inspire suck luck...
Did you ever finish it?