Monday, January 29, 2007

Hobby Lobby

Seriously, I don't think the letter worked...did you see the add for this week? Click on it over there to the right. I have decided to put a link to the advirtisement on the blog each week so you all can see!

BTW: Get your hands off the Yarn is mine :-)

Oh...the Yarn Bee Soft Delight is being discontinued so it is priced perm/closeout for .99 cents. Get it before it is gone!

Good thing I have a little gift card money left cause I DON'T have any REAL money.



Kara said...

I for one am a little bit glad that they are having the lucious on sale - I need one more color and almost bought it when it was half price last week - but decided to wait - Althought I need to finish some projects before I get to much more - I did buy some of the soft delight last week :-)

Valerie said...

Did you read the new knitty article about stash? I think you'll appreciate it. ;)