Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Felted Crochet Bag: Flattery

Did I ever tell you all about the lady that I met at McDonald's about a month and a half ago who cornered me in the play-area to find out if I had made my bag (Fraggle Rock)? Donna is her name. Well, after a conversation with her about crocheting and knitting and felting I knew she and I were going to be great friends :-)

Donna asked me if I would show her how to make a bag like mine and I said sure. We exchanged phone numbers and planned on meeting up at the Mom's SnB the next Wednesday to start her bag. When I left I wondered if she would actually show up or not but then I thought, who cares...I just got a huge compliment! Somebody actually wants to make my bag; how flattering!

The next Wednesday's SnB was canceled so I called Donna to let her know. She told me that she and her sister (who lives in Loveland at least an hour away) were bummed that we weren't getting together then asked me if I would be willing to meet on Friday so they could at least get started on the bag. Of course I said yes! Who am I to stop anybody from starting a project? I could not have that on my mind.

So, long story short, over the last month and a half Donna and her sister Karen have been working away on their crocheted bags. Finally, Donna got to the point in the pattern where she had to felt, and she did, last night! Can you imagine the anguish, the frenzy, the excitement she must have been feeling when after a month and a half of working on a crocheted wool bag she was going to PURPOSEFULLY put it in HOT water in order to FELT it? Terrifying, even though she knew it was going to shrink, really, it is always a little terrifying getting ready to felt something that has consumed all crochet time.

But never fear, it came out BEAUTIFUL! She came to McDonald's today to show it off. My jaw dropped when I saw it. The only thing left to do was cut holes for the handles and twist yarn for handles. I took so many pictures because I am so proud of her. Not to mention, it is flipping gorgeous...and HUGE! Donna took on some creative liberties and added several rows to the top of the bag. She wanted to make sure it was large enough to carry her knitting/crochet projects. And believe is large enough.

I took pictures of it next to my bag (the original pattern) to show the difference.

I even took pictures of Jill with the bag over her shoulder to show the vastness of this bag.

Crazy how much is dwarfs her! Literally goes down to her knees and she is 5'7''
All in all, I am so flattered that somebody liked the bag enough to actually make it. And I am so excited that my pattern worked! LOL Therefore, I have decided to call this bag (in the new measurements) Flattery! Do you like it?


amanda said...

Cute bag! Glad you were able to spread the felting love.

kelly said...

I love that bag. Its your pattern right? How can I go about getting the pattern?

woolcrafter said...

Doesn't the bag look great? I love it. Donna did such a great job & the colors are cool.

Hey - you forgot to say you made ME do the hole cutting!! AND I showed you how to do those cool handles. Give me some glory Babe! LOL!

Can't wait to make some more purses. Let's get going on that website! Are ya ready?? I'm chomping at the bit. Make some time & we'll get rolling.

Jean said...

Like it? I LOVE it! Congratulations! That is so cool. I'm so proud of you. Way to go!

Valerie said...

Yes!!! I love huge bags. You should see the piece of luggage that I call a purse. Flattery is a perfect name.

Yarn Thing said...

I am currently working on a new website focusing on purses. More specifically, teaching others how to make purses/bags. The site URL is

I will be putting the pattern for both Fraggle Rock and Flattery on that site soon so keep in touch!


P.S. Have I told you all how much I love it when you comment on here? Well, I do, I totally LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

That is so great! I love it when people take in interest in learning something new. And her bag turned out awesome!

Pink Raven said...

Wow... I wish there was a picture of that bag pre-fulled. That had to be HUGE!!! I taught myself to knit a couple years ago with a similar bag, the "booga bag" which I'm sure you're familiar with. It would be sooo much easier to do in crochet so I'm really looking forward to seeing the pattern on your purse site! Maybe by then I'll actually be able to *follow* a pattern if I keep practicing. For some reason I find it a lot easier to carry a decorative yarn for embellishment in crochet than in knit. Anyway, of course I JUST NOW discovered the purse site in the works from reading this post! C'mon! I'm really excited to see what happens there! LOL!!!