Friday, December 08, 2006

Have No FEAR!!! Help is on the WAY!

Christmas is almost here. Realistically speaking, the list I have made for my Christmas knitting is unreasonable. There is no way that I can finish everything I want to AND get the Nemesis done in time to give it to John.

Well, that is where my BFF comes in the picture. Because of her kind heart (or because she is sick of hearing about it) she has offered to finish (I had all the squares started, more than 1/2 of them done, and six stripes put together) the Nemesis for me in exchange for one thing; Socks.

You see, Jenni, is VERY pregnant and ready to pop; for really reals! And desperately wants to have a hand knit pair of socks for the hospital. Knowing that I had a lot on my plate she asked me to teach her (be still my heart) how to make socks.
Now, she is not a knitter, per se, she is much more a crocheter so knitting alone is a little much, never mind knitting socks. But she was a trooper! She even took them to a NFL Monday Night Football game and knit while we watched the game. I was very proud of her. But, as time went on it was becoming clear that her dream of getting the socks done in time was not going to happen. So, she thought if I would finish her socks (she had about 3/4 of one sock done) for her she would finish the nemesis for me!

What a STEAL OF A DEAL! I not only took her up on it but offered to make her more than one pair! She gave me the yarn on a Thursday and by Sunday she had these:

One pair of perfectly matching socks in Lion Brand Wool Ease. Great socks, machine washable, cushy, PINK!

When I got her socks done so quickly she took me up on the offer to make her more than one pair. Jenn not only went to my favorite LYS, Showers of Flowers, but purchased some great sock yarn for herself

(hers are second from the left )

but she purchased a skein of REALLY obnoxious ORANGE yarn to make her husband a pair. I guess he tried hers on and is totally jones'in for a pair.

Okay, so add that to my Christmas list and you can pretty much conclude that I shouldn't even think about leaving the house for the next 18 days.


knitfriendly said...

That is so great to know that Wool-ease can make up fast socks! I read your comment on the sock site and came over to check out your blog. Thanks for sharing such a great tip! I think I will be stopping by AC Moore on the way home tonight! :)

Melody said...

those socks do look superwarm and cozy. nice job..and a great friend.

Meilynne said...

the socks are super cute!

18 straight days of knitting sounds like paradise to me.

have fun!