Saturday, March 31, 2007

Spring in Colorado

What a Difference a Day can make!

I LOVE Colorado!

Here are a few Pictures of the Kiddo's...Aren't they cute?

"Ya, I know I got it goin' on!"

"MOM, take the picture already, This water makes me want to go Pee!"

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Swipper No Swipping, Swipper No Swipping,

Swipper Nooooo...

(me sitting in airport in Denver waiting for plane)

I named these the Never Ending Socks as it seemed I would never get them done. No matter how much I tried to make time to work on them I constantly had to put them down to work on something else more urgent.

Furthermore, these socks were actually supposed to be for me! So of course I had to finish them!
However, you know how some things don't turn out the way you want them too? I was showing my mom the socks the other day to point out the flaw in the stripping.

Can you see it? Look closely, notice the brown? That is right, missing an entire brown row! I didn't notice this until the entire sock was finished. Then, considering that I was using the stripes as the measurement for when to start my toe decrease, one sock is a little smaller than the other. I was willing to live with this little mistake to finally have my first pair of handknit socks but my mom saw it another way.

Like Swipper the Fox, she quickly reached out her hand and snagged the socks out of mine and shoved them in her robe...declaring them hers! All she needed to say next was "You're Too Late! You'll never find your precious socks now!"

One one hand, I am totally flattered; but on the other, I am totally bummed! I wanted those socks! Oh well, what is done is done. Funny thing is that she put the socks on immediately when she walked in the house (as we were standing next to my car because I was getting ready to leave) and stuck her foot out the door like a rockette to taunt me! If you ever wonder where I get you know!

Luckily, she did let me at least take these pictures of them before she took them away forever.
Maybe I will get to keep my next pair of socks. I just won't show ANYBODY unless they are on my feet...less likely to have somebody rip them off of me...but you never know huh?!

Yarn: Regia Jacquard
Basic stockinette stitch.


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Waiting Game...Vegas Continued

Okay, where was I? Oh that is right...knitting while waiting for the plane...

Hey, I crack a lot of jokes and such about my weight but I think in some twisted way it makes me feel better if I just lay it out there first before somebody else does. Kind of like I am in control. I don't know, I hope it doesn't bother you all. If it does, just go with the flow, for this post anyway!

Funny thing being the one of the largest people to get on an airplane. The whole time I was waiting to get on the plane I was looking at all the other passengers waiting with me, thinking to myself, man, that is a big boy, I sure hope he isn't in my row!

When I mentioned this to John he just laughed and reminded me that the other passengers were all thinking the same thing about us! We got a kick out of that and began to imagine he and I sitting next to another "biggin" (that is what we call ourselves...long story) all of us squished into our seats, trying not to bother one another! That would be our luck at this point.

Boarding call, flight ??? to Las Vegas is now boarding. Would rows 22-18 please board at gate 24? Here we go! All the way back, back, back to the very last seats. Really, I didn't think that these seats were going to be too bad but I took one look at the seats and knew that there was no way I was going to be able to put my knitting bag under the seat in front of me and be able to get it out during flight. So, just like I did at the check-in counter I began to riffle through my bag and pull out the Never Ending Socks so if I got the chance to work on anything I had them readily available; then I stuffed my bag in the overhead storage along with my purse and John's book :-)

We sat there patiently glaring at all the people getting on the plane, wondering who was going to be the lucky person sitting next to me with the window seat. John kept joking that the person in seat 22A had won the Golden Ticket! And you know, every person getting on the plane was thinking, man, that's a big couple, I hope I am not sitting next to them!

Sometimes I wish I could just look at the person getting ready to squeeze into my row and sit in the seat next to me that the seat is taken! How great would that be? To look them squarely in the eye and say nope, can't sit here! However, that was not the case.

We did get lucky in that the girl who sat next to me was really tired and slept the entire trip. And, it wasn't me who 'overflowed' into her seat rather, she started to move into my space. That was okay though, I didn't mind. It was not like she was reclining her seat into my face!

So, the flight is completely full with spring breakers and March Madness enthusiast going to wager on the games. As we take off and are warned that it was going to be a bumpy ride. Great, that's just what I wanted. John and I snuggled in for a nice little trip. We started out with his arm around me so we could conserve space; then when his shoulder began to hurt I would lean forward enough so his broad shoulders could have some room in the seat. It was working out nicely. Then,

It wasn't more than 15 minutes into the trip that the man in front of John pulled out of his bag some sort of 'brown bag special' that he packed for the ride. The smell was rancid! I think it was something like a meatloaf sandwich and sour cream and onion chips but I am not sure. What I am sure about is the permeating smell that wafted back into our faces. Seriously, I wanted to puke! This man was an idiot.

After the flight attendants cart passed us to start handing out drinks at the front of the plane working their way back to us this man in front of John decided that he was going to recline his seat. Now, poor John is 6'3'' so he is not a short man and needs a little leg room. Prior to the guy putting his seat back John had one leg under the seat in front of me and the other in front of him. Then, after the unfortunate turn of events he had to contort his body so one leg was out in the isle and the other just between the two seats in front of us. Why not keep his left leg under my seat? Well, if the guy in front of me decided to recline his seat too John's leg would have been pinned! I am not Sh*tting you! It was like John had the idiot in front of him laying between his legs!

But that is not all! Not 1 minute after reclining his seat the idiot gets up out of his seat, stumbles over John's foot in the isle and makes his way for the bathroom for at least 10 minutes. All the while, still leaving his damn seat reclined! I could not make this up! I did my best to try and push the seat back I couldn't get it all the way up. John was miserable!

Obviously the guy could see John was in an completely uncomfortable position! You would think that when the idiot made his way back to the seat and stumbled over John's foot, again, he would then put up his seat. NOPE...instead he just reclined it back to where it was before I had pushed it up a bit! I was laughing so hard in my seat I thought I was going to wet myself. If I could have wedged my way past John's knees and the seat in front of him I would have went to the bathroom but I thought it best to try and hold it! Poor John, he kept laying his head back like he was praying to God that he would tel-port him to Las Vegas! Then he began to laugh at the whole thing too.

We were sitting there, me leaned forward to try and give John as much room as possible behind me, the girl next to me almost acting like I was her body pillow, and John hands folded in front of him with a grown man laying between his legs. The situation was comical to say the least. Oh, but it gets better!

Remember the flight attendants serving drinks? Well, it was our turn. Again, they hit John's foot in the isle an he has to some how pull it back under the seat in front of him. The lady looked down the row across from us and asked them if they wanted anything to drink. Then, she looked down our row. Her gaze met with John's puppy dog plea for help eyes and she started busting up! She offered John any drink he wanted that it was 'on her' so he ordered a Jack and Coke. Me, I just ordered a Coke.

When she went to hand us the drinks John couldn't unfold his arms without hitting the seat in front of him so I had to get the drinks and put them on the tray in front of me. Just then, the man in front of me decides he is going to take a siesta and reclines his seat back too! NOT KIDDING! Here we are, the two biggest people on the plane, in the smallest leg room seats in the very last row,with complete strangers in our laps and me with the tray out pressed up against my stomach so we can have some drinks that I now have to figure out how to serve!

Here we go, with my arms bent at the elbow and pressed back as far as possible behind me I started to maneuver the drinks on the tray. Because of the guy in front of me being relined, I could not grasp the little bottle of Jack with my whole hand and reach across my body to poor it into the cup with the ice and coke in it. So, I grab it at the neck with my left pointer finger and middle finger, like a scissor hold (if I had my camera out I would have taken pictures but it was in the overhead compartment). Then, with my right pointer finger I pushed the cup over to the bottle so I could poor some of the Jack into it. So far, so good. I put the bottle down and push the cup back to the other side of the tray with my finger again towards John. Who now has to figure out how he is going to grab the cup and be able to drink from it without disturbing the delicate situation he was in! I swear, I felt like I was on some sort of bar tending challenge show!

After the whole drinking episode I thought that I would try to knit on my socks to kill time so I leaned as far forward as I could (with the guy in front of me still leaning back) and knit my socks while John sat miserably next to me sending voodoo vibes towards the idiot! Can you believe that this fool kept his seat reclined back the ENTIRE TRIP! It was miserable.

The highlight was when the flight attendants started to ask me questions about my socks. You know, talking about knitting always makes me feel better! They both told me that it looked too hard and I assured them that if I could do it on a plane, in a seat as small as this one with a complete strange nearly sitting in my lap, they could do it to! They laughed and said I must be right!

Finally, we arrived! The minute we were able to stand up John jumped out of his seat and just stood next to the galley in the back of the plane until we could get off!

We got our luggage relatively fast and made our way to the rental car booth. John was told by the lady that we needed to jump on the shuttle to the Hertz place and check in there since we had purchased our rental over the Internet. Okay, off to the shuttle.

Shuttle was not bad and it was only a few minutes away to the place. We jumped off and John bolted inside so he could beat everybody else that was on the shuttle with us. He was third in line and there where three people checking people in. GREAT! This shouldn't take any amount of time at all! WRONG!

We were there for an hour just to check in! For the first thirty minutes I had to watch one of the employees flirt with the two women he was getting a car for then walk them to their car and not come back for another 10 minutes. I looked at the guy sitting next to me and asked him if he thought the dude got their number.

I looked then at John who was totally ticked off! Finally, we get our minivan. Off to the Hotel.

By now it is 1:00 am (2:00 in Colorado). We are both tired as we had both gotten up at 4:00am that morning. Now, we had to fight the cabbies, drunk drivers, drunk pedestrians, street walkers, and beggars to get down the strip to our hotel. John drove while I looked at the map and directed him. This kind of teamwork doesn't usually work out too well as I am ALWAYS right and John doesn't think so :-) But, I think because of the sleep deprivation, we were just too tired to argue and he followed my direction directly to the hotel parking garage. We jokingly referred to ourselves as Kentucky from the Amazing Race. Thinking that if we were on the Amazing Race it would be a hoot since I don't have many patience when it comes to...well that is not entirely true, I have patience but I am so darn competitive that I get b*tchy when I am loosing. Anyway, that is neither here nor there.

The parking garage was packed full! When we finally got a spot I made sure to jot down the spot number as I had no idea where we were and I wasn't entirely sure I would remember what kind of car we were driving in the morning! Meanwhile, John pulled the bags out of the trunk and got us headed in the right direction. While walking to the elevators I started to mention to John that I just wanted to go check-in then go to bed so I didn't have to deal with any sluts.

Just then, three sluts jumped out of a Tahoe. People, I was almost embarrassed to having had even glanced their way! Their attire or lack there of was astonishing! One girl who looked like she was 18 was wearing a skin tight, black and white striped (like an old prison suit) Lycra dress that literally went just below her butt, wearing NO underwear, the front had a V-neck that went down to her navel and was laced up with a string, NO bra, HUGE hoop earrings and tons of makeup. Her partners in crime where dressed in a similar manner as well.

Wouldn't you know it that we were all, of course, going to the elevators together. I had made it up in my mind right then that there was no way in HELL I was getting on the elevator with these girls. However, I guess John didn't mind because when the elevator dinged he was right in line behind them to jump on! (hum...) I looked at him and said sternly "WE will wait for the next one!"

He looked at me and very quickly said "Okay". Good Boy! I had never felt more out of place in my life than standing there waiting for the elevator with those girls holding my knitting bag, wearing my crocheted poncho, no make up on and my hair in dismay. Man, I am getting old! I later found out that there is a raunchy night club at the Venetian called Tao which is where I am assuming these children were off to. YUCK!

Finally, we found our way to the concierge desk and began to check in with a lovely lady who was from Colorado Spring (which John called her every time we saw her on our trip...she seemed to like it). Everything was going just fine when CO. Springs had to go in the back for something. When she came back she told us that she was giving us a room with a view of the Strip for no extra charge. Finally, things seem to be going better...Lady Luck has smiled our way :-)

Then, CO. Springs slips into the conversation that the room has two queen beds instead of one king like we ordered. Woooo, Woooo, Woooo, wait a minute! Did I mention that John and I are not small people? We have a king at home because us sleeping on a queen is not comfortable and I refuse to go on vacation and sleep on a queen when I ordered a KING. John pipes up first and says that is not going to work. We don't care about the view, it is important for us to have a king bed. CO. Springs begins to tell us then that the hotel gave our room away and there were no more available kings. Any happiness I had just fizzled away at that moment.

"Look, I am not trying to be a difficult person here," I said, "but we have three kids at home and my husband and I don't get to go on vacation much. This trip was a chance for us to sleeping together in the same bed without any kid related interruptions. Now, a queen bed is not going to cut it as we are NOT SMALL PEOPLE. We NEED a king size bed so please don't mistake my hostility for being spoiled or something." Long pause..." Is there anyway to look at the suites for a king and upgrade us to that for no charge?"

CO. Springs goes in the back again which I am guessing is the VIP services or something and returned with the approval to give us a King Bed Suite. We get our keys and we are off to bed!

Oh man, I couldn't wait to jump into bed and get some sleep. We get to the door and open it up to an amazing room! I walk in and John walks in behind me and says "Damn"!

I took a video of the room but can't get it to upload to YouTube so these few pictures will have to do...sorry!

This room was great! The bathroom was great! The sitting area was great! I am telling you, this room made up for all the crap we went through for the past 12 hours. Especially that tub. I dropped my things and immediately filled the tub with hot water and bubbles and soaked for 30 minutes with no interruptions. Well, almost no interruptions.

It was when we hit the room that John got his little interruption. While I was in the tub he was on the toilet. Poor guy had a rough day. After he cleared his system he jumped in the shower to wash off the day and we went to bed.

Okay, if you are still with me to this point...thank you!

I will stop the post here and talk about the rest on the next post. Including:

  • Worlds Best breakfast Buffet
  • Drive to Alamo for Rapport Graduation
  • Dinner at Lawry's Prime Rib (YUM)
  • Driving
  • Our Big Night of Fun
  • Yarn Shop :-)
  • Plane Ride Home
I told you this story was a long one!

FYI: I just finished my most recent Felted Crochet Handbag and I am totally in LOVE! I am calling it Firecracker. As soon as the post about the Vegas Trip conclude I will post about that! Oh, I can't hardly wait!

Monday, March 26, 2007

What Happens in Vegas...

Stays in Vegas! And THANK GOD for that as John had the runs/poops/shits ALL weekend!
Can you believe it? The one time we think we are actually going to go on a trip and not have some sort of medical emergency, he has to spend almost every other hour on the pot! UGHHH!

*This is going to be a couple day post as it is a long story and I don't want people to get bored :-)*

Okay, let's start at the beginning :-)

Well, I spent all day Thursday tying up loose ends. You know what I mean, finishing ALL the laundry ( I even mean that one basket of clothes in the corner of the laundry room that you tell yourself can wait till next time...or am I the only one with that kind of basket?), packing the kids, bathing the kids, dressing the kids, feeding the kids, threatening the kids with every inch of their lives that they better obey my sister or brother or parents, confirming drop off times with my family, etc. Needless to say, Thursday was jammed packed.

I dropped all the kids off at 4:00 clear across town (approx. 45 minutes) which gave me enough time to get home, take shower myself and pack my knitting bag and my clothing bag before John got home. He got home at 5:45 and needed to take a shower and pack his bag as well. Here is where the fun began...

Is it me or does every married couple who goes on a trip argue about what bag to take or how many bags to take? I mean, come ON! Does it really matter if I want to bring two bags for a two day trip? Does is really bother you that much that you have to make a big deal out of it? It's not like we are cramming into a BMW Mini or anything, we rented a minivan! And no, I don't really want to pack our stuff in the same bag to save space! And furthermore, you can carry on your own bag, you are NOT allowed to put a book in my knitting bag! I don't care how small it is! I want to have my own own own space...mine, mine MINE! (sound like a 3 year old)

Oh well, I didn't prevail in that argument. He and I ended up with one HUGE suitcase (did you know that it can only weigh 50 lbs to get on the plane? Important to note that!) and a smaller duffel bag that was only partially full (refer back to previous parenthesis). Then of course, as I am packing the bags he is questioning everything I am bringing. "Do you need that? You know it is only a couple of days. How many shoes are you bringing? When are you going to wear a dress?"

That was it! I looked him straight in the eye and said I was a 29 year old mother of three and I was finally going on a trip, on a plane, to hotel, with the man I love, for two whole days, WITHOUT KIDS! So, if I wanted to wear a dress and heals to go down the hall to get some FRICKEN ICE from the machine I had every right to do so! BACK OFF BUDDY! It was after that little outburst that he let me finish packing the suitcase all by myself.

Our flight left at 10:30pm so we got to the airport around 7:30. Just to make sure we could check in and get our seats together. Noticing that there was a self check-in counter for those people who had e-tickets I quickly got into that line.

You wouldn't think that getting our seats together would be that difficult but see, we had to purchase our tickets on two separate credit cards since we purchased mine and his company purchased his. Two separate cards means, two separate check-ins. Can you see where this could get complicated? I asked the lady behind the desk if I should just have her check us in to make SURE we could get our seats together. "No, No" she said, " it shouldn't be a problem". I then explained to her the two credit card thing and again, "no, no, not a problem". All righty then. Click, click, click...checked in seat 19c. Click, click, click...checked in seat 17d...UM....that is a problem.

I look at the lady and just ask her if she could please change our seats. She looked at me like I was holding her up too long with my asinine questions. With a huff from her mouth, she started typing on her computer. "I can put you across from one another?" I look at John and see the shear panic on his face.

See, obviously John and I are not small people and seats on a plane are small. Ever seen Tommy Boy "Fat guy in a little coat?" So, the one good thing about traveling with one another is that we can lean into one another instead of the strangers sitting next to us. Get what I mean?

John tells the lady, politely, that it is important to him that we sit together. She looks at him like he is some sort of idiot. She then tells him "yes sir, I understand that you want to sit next to her, that is why I am getting you two seats across from one another. Across the isle".

Having had about enough of the testy attitude, it was at this point that I look her strait in the eye and I told her in not so unmistakable terms that it is important that we sit next to each other in the same row because we are BIG people and we don't want to OOZE over into other peoples seats...we prefer to squish into each other! That got her attention and she gave us the very last two seats available together on the plane. Seats 22 b & C. The very last seats on the know what that means don't you? The back of the plane, next to the bathroom, first to get on the plane; last to get off, these seats don't recline and sit straight up and I swear they have less leg room than any other seat! Can you see where this is going?

It was then time to get our tags on our luggage. What's can't be over weight...I knew we should have packed our own bags! I had to rearrange OUR luggage right there in front of the check-in counter in order to get OUR suitcase under 50 lbs. Thank God I had not totally packed the duffel bag so I had some space to shove John's jeans into it :-) The lady behind the counter was totally disgusted by this point with the amount of time we were taking up in her line. You could see that she was thinking that we couldn't even get this part of the check-in process right. So, I looked at the lady and jokingly said, "Big people=Big clothes=Heavy!" She didn't laugh. I thought is was funny; but hey, you can't win them all.

After we got our boarding passes we thought we would try out one of the restaurants in the terminal for dinner. Big Mistake! We ate at Mesa Verde in concourse A mezzanine (if you are ever at DIA DON'T EAT THERE!) We waited 15 minutes to see a waitress, we waited another 30 minutes to get our food, and we waited another 15 minutes for drink refills.

Then there is the food, it was disgusting! John couldn't finish his at all and I found a hair half way down my ranch dressing that I was using to dip my buffalo wings into! The manager came and took care of our bill and then we waited another 10 minutes for our waitress to come and take our payment for the drinks but she never showed. This is a nightmare of a meal! We are finally out without the kids and look at how it is turning out! So, John just went to the bar and paid leaving NO TIP which is unheard of for him. He had a hair cut the other day where the lady cut a large chunk of hair by mistake and he tipped her $3.00. That is how bad this service was.

By the time we finished our meal it was time to go and wait for the plane to arrive. While I waited I worked on the NEVER ENDING SOCKS!

John snapped this picture of me and I snapped this one of him...

Well, we think it was the food at Mesa Verde that made John sick. He actually was telling me just after this picture was taken that his stomach didn't feel good. Then of course, it was as soon as we landed in Vegas that he started having to go to the bathroom.

That is where I am going to end this first segment of the trip.

In the next I will talk about

  • the plane ride out there,
  • the car rental place,
  • the slut!
  • the hassle to get our room
  • the best breakfast buffet ever!

OH, what did I bring in my Knitting Bag? Well, I decided that I didn't have enough time to wind anything up into a ball so I took the Never Ending Sock, the Trekking Sock scored in a bet (go colts), and the Crochet Felted Bag I am working on. I thought that was enough to get me through the couple of days.

Thanks for voting!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Baby News

My sister called me on Tuesday and said that she was in a lot of pain and thought she might be going into labor. I thought, naaaa, you are just having some pre-term false labor stuff...but I didn't tell her that, thank God. Instead, I told her she should call her doctor to let them know and see what he wanted her to do.

FYI: having this baby NOW was both good and bad.

Good because she was getting HUGE and was totally MISERABLE;

Bad because she was not due for another 4 and a half weeks!

Well, needless to say, after calling the doctor, Michelle went in to the hospital at 9:00pm and was dilated to 6! Mom called me and before I got off the phone I had grabbed my purse, grabbed some TLC Wiggles yarn (since I hadn't finished anything for the baby yet because I thought I had four more weeks!), and grabbed my knitting bag. I told John bye and headed for the hospital.

When I got there she was at a 7.5, the baby was pretty high up in the canal or uterus or whatever :-) and her water had not broke yet. Because she was all calm and pretty well under control of her emotions the first thing I asked her when I walked in the room was if she was on any drugs :-) After all, why go through labor without drugs if you don't have to? Just as I asked her the anastesiologist walked in...or as I like to call him "the angel sent from God".

While we were waiting for little Wyatt to join our lovely family I was frantically crocheting him a little hat. No pattern, just started with a ch3, joined and increased from there to what I thought was a good size then worked the stitches so it would create a hat and not a doily :-)

I love passing the time in the delivery room crocheting or knitting. The wait is almost unbearable without anything to do so at least with my hands busy I am not staring at the monitor or bothering the mommy-to-be! I also find that it is a good conversation starter since people want to know what you are making, who is it for, how long you have been doing it, yadda-yadda.

So, after a couple of hours I finished the hat and still no baby. You would think that this being her third the baby he would just zoom on out, you know what I mean? I nurse kept coming in to reposition the monitor on her stomach and to let Michelle know that the doctor didn't want to break her water yet, and that the doctor was still at home but wanted the nurse to continue calling her with the updates.

Alright, brief pause for vital information: this is NOT her regular doctor, this is the doctor on call! Okay, let me tell you all what I am thinking at this point...

Dr. who shall not be named,

Get off your sweet A** and get down here! Lady, this baby delivery stuff may be routine for you but isn't it possible that something could be wrong with this delivery since my sister has had two other kids with no pre-term complications and now she is in the hospital in labor 4 and a half weeks early? Don't you think you should at least come on down here to check out the situation for yourself instead of relying on a NURSE to tell you things? Even if it is to comfort the mother and let her know what is going on? After all, IT IS YOUR responsibility to come and take care of the mother and the baby; even IF it is 2:00AM in the Fricken MORNING!!
Nope, the doctor never showed up! Can you believe it? Around 2:00am I went home because I had to make sure I was home in time for John to leave at 5:00am for work. I figured I would take Allura to school then go to the hospital. But Wyatt couldn't wait that long :-)

At 9:00am Wednesday morning, a different doctor came into Michelle's room (after the first doctor called him to let him know that Michelle was probably ready to deliver so he better go to her room first). He broke her water, saw a lot of blood clots come out along with excessive amounts of amniotic fluid and got worried. He said that it was imperative that they get that little one out so he had Michelle start to push even though she was not fully dilated. He then put his hand inside her to make sure the babies head was ready to go though the birth canal and noticed that little Wyatt's hand was over his head. So, the doctor pushed on the babies head to allow the hand to go down and OOPS...the baby came flying out!

No warning, no camera, no pushing, no screaming, no family in room except Mark (Michelle's husband)...just BABY! 9:30am healthy little baby boy, 7 lbs 11 oz, 20 inches. The NICU nurses looked at the doctor when they came in the room and questioned "this is the premie?"

Wyatt was a big baby for being 4 and a half weeks early; could you imagine if she had went full term? His appgar score was high but he had swallowed some of the blood clots during delivery so his little stomach was pumped. And, because he is premature his little lungs are struggling which means his blood/oxygen is low. Also, the reason his little hand are was positioned up above his head was because the umbilical cord was abnormally long and was wrapped around his arm and his neck! We are very fortunate that his arm was in the way or the baby could have been strangled! (again, in my mind, maybe the first doctor would have noticed that if she would have come down to the hospital to check on my sister!) Anyway, little Wyatt is in the NICU (neo-natal intensive care unit) and is expected to be there until the middle or late next week.

We (the kids and I) went to the hospital on Thursday to check on Michelle and the baby.

(got her permission to post this shot even though it is not the most flattering...give her a brake...she just had a baby)

We could see the baby since he was in the NICU with an oxygen hood over his head and a feeding tube in his umbilical cord. You know, keep the "unessential" people out cause there are some really sick babies in there who don't need yours or my germs! But is was good to see Michelle and talk to her. I don't know how she is doing it but she is handling this all really well. She went home yesterday and had to leave her baby at the hospital....that would just kill me.

I know I have a few blogger friends who have had to go through so much more with their children and I have the deepest amounts of sympathy for them too! That has to be so tough to have to leave YOUR BABY behind. I mean, of course she is back there every waking hour she can. Her inlaws drove out here to help out with the other two kids while Michelle and Mark tend to Wyatt. Michelle says that the baby is not getting any worse but the progress is really minimal. You know, God takes time to heal and I believe that he is working here in Wyatt's little life! Please keep him in your prayers.


Thursday, March 22, 2007

Wait for It

Made it back in one piece! Man, do they make those airplane seats small or what?

I have so much to share with all of you but not right now. I will do my best to write a full post tomorrow with LOTS of pictures!

So, please Wait For It :-)

In the mean time, ponder this for a moment...

Have you all had trouble with Microsoft Explorer? Me TOO! I have been having trouble with it for some time now and a friend of mine suggested a FREE browser called FireFox. I LOVE IT!

You too can get it...just click on the link on my sidebar! That is right, I liked it so much I put a link to it on my blog! That in and of itself should tell you something. Really, Click and Check it out!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Vote: Las Vegas

The Strip

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions!

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Trekking Scored form a bet...Go COLTS
Trekking Yarn scored from a bet...GO COLTS!...


What on earth could I be talking about? Here's the 411:

Kids farmed out to the E-N-T-I-R-E family for two whole nights (you know what they say, "it takes a village") meanwhile, tonight John and I are "lea-ving, On a jet plane!" Can you believe it? We are actually going on a trip...not a long trip...but a trip non the less! We leave tonight and get back into town Saturday afternoon!

Why you ask, well, John had to go to Vegas for business so I thought I would get a ticket and tag along. He doesn't seem to mind :-) I am good company so who wouldn't mind, really! LOL!

Anyway, you all know what my most stressful part about going on a trip is? (not including the flying itself) That's right, deciding what project I want to bring? There are three options at the top and I need your help!

Considering that most of the trip I will be either in a plane or a car I thought it best to bring socks. But, I don't know which ones! So VOTE PLEASE!

I will let you know how the trip went when I get back. Hopefully, John will let me find a good yarn store around there...but I am not holding my breath. Oh well, it will be fun anyway!

Okay, time to vote!
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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

New Podcast

Just want to let you all know that I recorded a new Podcast last night. Let me know what you think!

I am having a heck of a time figuring out what to talk about so any suggestions would be nice!



Thursday, March 08, 2007

Where's the LOVE?

Nobody is leaving comments anymore. Show me some Cyber Lovin'

Are you all bored with what I am writing about? Let me know so I can try and make it a bit more interesting! Just say the word!

Give me idea's...if you want patterns. Let me know what you are looking for and I am sure I can help. I am pretty good at putting things together.

BTW: more Free Yarn Bee Patterns to come!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Vickie Howell

February 27th was a night to remember for me. First of all, I was actually able to go out to dinner with a bunch of my girlfriends and have a meal that consisted of actual ADULT CONVERSATION (get you mind out of the gutter :-) I mean, not once did I have to look at Tara and tell her to stop using her fingers to eat her pasta or snap at Starry for blowing bubbles in her Sprite or threaten Jill with a time out if she didn't stop poking Tara. A meal with peace and quite is so far and few between these days.

Second of all, I followed up a great meal by going to a YARN SHOP, for a BOOK SIGNING, and a YARN TASTING, and once again NO KIDS! The best part of all is that...wait for it...NO CURFEW! Happy Knitter Hallelujah... I was able to party the night away. Well, that is party as much as a 29 year old mother of three who is used to going to bed at 9:00 can. You all know what I mean. OH, but I am here to tell you, I was on such a high (must have been the wool fumes) I think I stayed up until 1:00am. Don't get too excited...I got home at 10:30 but I stayed up until 1:00 because I couldn't fall asleep! It is not often a night with that much excitement happens to me.

Okay, let me start at the beginning.

Around the start of the year my friend Jill, her mother (hi Carol...leave me a comment would ya?) and I went to the largest Yarn Shop in the United States: Showers of Flowers. Both Jill and her mum (she is from England and I think that is what they call their mom's out there, isn't it?) were SOF virgins, so I was more than happy to "pop their Cherry Tree Hill" as it were (is that too graphic?) Again, great time because we didn't have any of our kids! Anyway, while were were perusing around the sock yarn; with me trying to convince Carol that she simply had to give socks a go, the owner of SOF, Sharron came up to see how we were doing. GREAT of course!

She then happened to tell us that they had just booked Vickie Howell to come to the shop in February. I was so excited. I LOVE Knitty Gritty, I record every episode on my DVR so I can watch them over and over. It was on the episode of the socks where I learned how to Purl continental...but I digress! So, I asked Sharron for the details and she said that Vickie was coming on the 27th of February, there were only 100 seats available so they were going to have a sign up sheet, and she was going to do a demonstration, a question and answer and the book signing. Huh, what was I to do?

That's right, I was the FIRST person to sign up along with the seven of my friends that I signed up too! Yep, I am a groupie! I even called periodically over the next two months to make sure that my name was on the list (along with my friends) just in case I some how was taken off. Don't ask me how I would have been taken off, I didn't know how, I just knew that it made me feel better to call and make sure I was on the list...okay, back off! Rant over. No really, every time I called the lovely ladies would tell me the same thing.

"Yes, Marlaina, you are on the top of our list. That is right, number one, along with Starry, Jill, Jenn, Kara, Laura, Tara, and Janene. Okay, Marlaina, I will see you soon. Bye, bye".

But hey, they are a yarn shop. They are used to dealing with fanatical people, right? Okay, so I signed up my friends and myself but here is the friends had no idea that they were going to join me for this, I just signed them up KNOWING that they would want to come! Of course, I called them all to tell them that they were going and of course they all agreed; and of course as the day rolled around only three of them showed up to dinner on the night of the 27th. But hey, that is OKAY! We had a good time anyway.

All right, all right, let's be fair. The ones that didn't come all had great excuses
  • volunteering time to painting the new church,
  • cleaning up her house in order to put it on the market in two days,
  • going out of town on a surprise trip that her husband planned to Steamboat Springs,
  • her husband having to work because they were going on an unexpected trip to Arizona and they needed the money.
Again, all valid excuses, but I wish they all could have come. They were missed.

However, the four of us did have a great time!

Above: Tara and Marly
Below: Starry and Jill

See how happy we are? Totally hopped up on fumes and excitement and anticipation! Vickie's plane was THREE hours late so she was late getting to the shop. I told the GM, Micheal, that telling us she was late was just a ploy to keep us there longer so we would buy more yarn.

Evil, pure evil I tell you; because it worked! I bought some of the new Tofutsie sock yarn in the Off on the Right Foot colorway (it reminds me of an Easter Egg so I am going to work with it next month for my SAM KAL) that SWTC just put out and the book Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles by Cat Bordhi and of course the new book that Vickie was promoting. I am such a sucker; never am I able to go into a yarn store and walk out empty handed. Thank God my husband knows this and is somewhat understanding...and I stress somewhat.

The wait was not bad though, we got to sit and talk to each other and the other knitters; I worked on my socks while Jill worked on a scarf. Tara and Starry didn't bring anything to work on so they were a bit out of the loop so they enjoyed the atmosphere (and the chocolate chip cookies, yum). The best part about the wait was that another well known author was in the crowd and was willing to stand up to talk about her book. Her name is Anne McClauley and her book is The Pleasures of Kniting: Timeless Feminine Sweaters.

Ann had actually been a guest on Knitty Gritty in an episode that just aired on February 16 called Delightful Details. Great show, I really enjoyed that one since they weren't necessarily making anything just really showing great stitches and detailing you could do to enhance your knitting. Anyway, Ann stood up in front of the, oh, 100 of us for the better part of an hour talking about her book and about movement. I know sounds a little odd to talk about movement at a yarn store but it was really interesting.

She is a dance and movement instructor at the National Theatre Conservatory of the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and at the Boulder College of Massage Therapy ( I sound like a publicist huh?) as well as an avid knitter. It was great to hear her talk about specific tips to help us knitters and crocheters take care of our body since we are perfoming a repetative movement sometimes for several hours! (can I get an AMEN?) Such as, sitting properly. She said that we have "sit bones" that act as our feet when we are sitting to help keep our back and neck aligned. Also, keep both feet on the floor because that helps your body stabilize and stay grounded; take breaks from your work and stretch out the muscles; "scrub" your fingers to help ease tension; hold your needles up to your eyes rather than on you lap and nodding your head down to see your work. Putting your head down puts extra strain on your neck! Sound familiar? She has a section in her book about some of these things so get her book and read all about it :-)

Hearing Ann talk was a wonderful treat; I think this is what Tara liked best of all since she is into Yoga. Tara is a crocheter and doesn't' really watch Knitty Gritty much; however, like a true friend, she came along for the fellowship of it all. Then, she got something great out of it. I am glad she really enjoyed it as much as I did.

Okay, so Vickie finally got there and she looked great. She apologized for her appearance as she put her makeup on in the cab on the way over but she had nothing to worry about; she was lovely.

So, I was worried that she would not be as great in person as she seems to be on t.v. But I was pleasantly pleased that she was just as personable in person as she comes across on the t.v.
Wild and Wacky, Down to Earth, Funny, Genuine, a real Joy. We were all able to ask her questions and get straight forward answers without any holding back. Did I ask a questions? Of course I did. I happened to ask her if she reads all the comments that are left for her on her blog or if "her people" take care of that for her. She told me that yes she reads every one and the reason she makes it so the comments must be approved is because she gets nasty comments every now and again. Like any other person, she doesn't want the negative crap to over shadow the other things. Cool!

I think the best thing all night was finding out how she became the host of Knitty Gritty. Literally, she was in her PJ's and slippers feeding her two little boys breakfast when she got an email from the producers of the show asking her if she knew of anybody who was fresh, hip, edgy and wanted to host a knitting show on the DIY network. HELLO! Prayers answered right over cyber space. Vickie replied that she was interested in the job, flew to Los Angeles to interview of the job and was hired. How did they know to email her? She had started a stitch and bitch and had posted about in over the web with key words like fresh, hip, edgy so when the producers did a Google search they found her. Great story huh? The rest is history.

Just goes to show you, God is always working for you. He never takes a break; not even for breakfast!

The yarn was really...really...better than I expected; if I am being honest. The feel of it is just right and the unusual fibers that are used to make it makes it that much more interesting. I fell in love with LOVE. My future will include a project of some sort in this wonderful yarn; I promise :-) Another great thing is that SWTC is currently looking for patterns using these new yarns. If you contact Jonelle at she will give you the 411. So, all you designers out there get to work!

So, the night ended with me getting my book signed and a picture taken of Vickie and myself. Talk about the tall fat girl standing next to the skinny short girl (who had 4" heels joke, she showed us)! Oh well, I had a great time!

Next big outing will be on April 5th when the Harlot comes to Denver! I can't wait!

Monday, March 05, 2007

Je suis fini

I have been working on these a little here, a little there for the past three months. Yes, you read that right, MONTHS. Those of you who know how fast I knit most likely don't believe it but I assure you, it is true.

I was given this yarn by Kara in late December to make her a pair of socks. I started them right away and got the first sock done in two days. The second sock was a different story. I started it; put it down for a week or two; started it some more; put it down to work on other things; started it; put it down after only a few rows after I realized that I had a project that HAD to get done before the super bowl ; then I didn't pick it up for over a month. Well, the time was now to get it finished. Saturday I picked it up for the last time and do you know that it only took me two hours to finish the sock?

Finally, I am done with them. I think what took so long was that I wasn't really happy with the needle size I used (us. size 8) because it made the stitches too far apart. I have never used that size needle before and I deffinately won't do it again. Usually I like to use a size 4 needle with Wool-Ease. It makes the stitches really nice and tight so I will go back and do that.

Okay, here is the low-down:

Yarn: Wool-Ease 1 and a half skeins
Needles: 4 DPN's size 8 US (5mm)
Size: Women's size 10 (cast on 50 stitches)
Pattern: Cuff down, basic stockinette stitch, heel flap, grafted toe

You know what is cool, this sock qualifies for my March sock in the SAM 3 and for my Sunday Socks!

Kara Loved Them!

Now, I think I should work on my socks that I have been working on since November.
OH YEAH, I forgot to tell you all about Vickie Howell. I will try and post about that next!

Happy Knitting Ya'll


Saturday, March 03, 2007

Do you have a LIFE?

Movie Fan?
I stole this from Allegra, who took it form Michelle who lifted this from Kim. Since I love Movies I thought this would be cool to do as a little something different on the blog today.

It’s been said that allegedly if you’ve seen over 85 movies you have no life. Mark the ones you’ve seen. There are 345 films on this list. Copy this list, go to your own blog, paste it in and put x’s by the ones that you have seen. Add them up, change the header adding your number, and post it.

  1. ( ) Rocky Horror Picture Show
  2. (X) Grease
  3. (X) Pirates of the Caribbean
  4. (X) Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man’s Chest
  5. ( ) Boondock Saints
  6. (X) Fight Club
  7. ( ) Starsky and Hutch
  8. (X) Neverending Story
  9. ( ) Blazing Saddles
  10. ( ) Airplane
  11. (X) The Princess Bride
  12. (X) AnchorMan
  13. (X) Napoleon Dynamite
  14. (X) Labyrinth
  15. ( ) Saw
  16. ( ) Saw II
  17. ( ) White Noise
  18. (X) White Oleander
  19. (X) Anger Management
  20. (X) 50 First Dates
  21. (X) The Princess Diaries
  22. (X) The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
  23. (X) Scream
  24. (X) Scream 2
  25. ( ) Scream 3
  26. ( ) Scary Movie
  27. ( ) Scary Movie 2
  28. ( ) Scary Movie 3
  29. ( ) Scary Movie 4
  30. (X) American Pie
  31. (X) American Pie 2
  32. (X) American Wedding
  33. ( ) American Pie Band Camp
  34. (X) Harry Potter 1
  35. (X) Harry Potter 2
  36. (X) Harry Potter 3
  37. (X) Harry Potter 4
  38. ( ) Resident Evil 1
  39. ( ) Resident Evil 2
  40. (X) The Wedding Singer
  41. (X) Little Black Book
  42. (X) The Village
  43. (X) Lilo & Stitch
  44. (X) Lilo & Stitch 2
  45. (X) Stitch the Movie
  46. (X) Finding Nemo
  47. (X) Cars
  48. (X) Bugs Life
  49. (X) Monsters Inc.
  50. (X) Toy Story
  51. (X) Toy Story 2
  52. (X) Land Beforetime
  53. (X) Willy Wonka (old version)
  54. (X) Willy Wonka (new version)
  55. (X) Finding Neverland
  56. ( ) Signs
  57. (X) The Grinch
  58. ( ) Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  59. ( ) Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning
  60. ( ) White Chicks
  61. ( ) Butterfly Effect
  62. (X) 13 Going on 30
  63. (X) I, Robot
  64. (X) Robots
  65. (X) Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story
  66. ( ) Universal Soldier
  67. (X) Lemony Snicket: A Series Of Unfortunate Events
  68. (X) Along Came Polly
  69. ( ) Deep Impact
  70. ( ) KingPin
  71. (X) Never Been Kissed
  72. (X) Meet The Parents
  73. (X) Meet the Fockers
  74. ( ) Eight Crazy Nights
  75. ( ) Joe Dirt
  76. (X) King Kong
  77. (X) A Cinderella Story
  78. ( ) The Terminal
  79. (X) The Lizzie McGuire Movie
  80. ( ) Passport to Paris
  81. (X) Dumb & Dumber
  82. ( ) Dumber & Dumberer
  83. ( ) Final Destination
  84. ( ) Final Destination 2
  85. ( ) Final Destination 3
  86. ( ) Halloween
  87. ( ) The Ring
  88. ( ) The Ring 2
  89. ( ) Surviving Christmas
  90. ( ) Flubber
  91. (X) Herby
  92. ( ) Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle
  93. (X) Harold & Mod
  94. (X) Practical Magic
  95. (X) Chicago
  96. ( ) Ghost Ship
  97. ( ) From Hell
  98. ( ) Hellboy
  99. ( ) Secret Window
  100. (X) I Am Sam
  101. (X) The Whole Nine Yards
  102. ( ) The Whole Ten Yards
  103. (X) The Day After Tomorrow
  104. ( ) Child’s Play
  105. ( ) Seed of Chucky
  106. ( ) Bride of Chucky
  107. (X) Ten Things I Hate About You
  108. (X) Just Married
  109. ( ) Gothika
  110. (X) Monsters Ball
  111. ( ) Nightmare on Elm Street
  112. (X) Sixteen Candles
  113. (X) Remember the Titans
  114. (X) Armageddon
  115. ( ) Coach Carter
  116. ( ) The Grudge
  117. ( ) The Grudge 2
  118. (X) The Mask
  119. (X) Son Of The Mask
  120. (X) Bad Boys
  121. (X) Bad Boys 2
  122. ( ) Joy Ride
  123. ( ) Lucky Number Sleven
  124. (X) Ocean’s Eleven
  125. (X) Ocean’s Twelve
  126. (X) Bourne Identity
  127. (X) Bourne Supremecy
  128. ( ) Lone Star
  129. (X) Bedazzled
  130. ( ) Predator I
  131. ( ) Predator II
  132. ( ) The Fog
  133. (X) Ice Age
  134. (X) Ice Age 2: The Meltdown
  135. (X) Curious George
  136. (X) Barn Yard
  137. (X) Open Season
  138. (X) Nacho Libre
  139. (X) Flags of our Fathers
  140. (X) Little Miss Sunshine
  141. (X) It Could Happen to You
  142. (X) Mission Impossible
  143. (X) Mission Impossible 2
  144. (X) Mission Impossible 3
  145. (X) Lethal Weapon 1
  146. (X) Lethal Weapon 2
  147. (X) Lethal Weapon 3
  148. (X) Lethal Weapon 4
  149. (X) Pure Country
  150. (X) 8 Seconds
  151. (X) Nanny McPhee
  152. (X) Independence Day
  153. ( ) Cujo
  154. ( ) A Bronx Tale
  155. ( ) Darkness Falls
  156. ( ) Christine
  157. (X) E.T.
  158. ( ) Children of the Corn
  159. ( ) My Bosses Daughter
  160. (X) Maid in Manhattan
  161. (X) The Little Mermaid
  162. (X) War of the Worlds
  163. (X) Rush Hour
  164. (X) Rush Hour 2
  165. ( ) Best Bet
  166. (X) How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  167. (X) She’s All That
  168. (X) Calendar Girls
  169. (X) Moulin Rouge
  170. (X) Sideways
  171. ( ) Mars Attacks
  172. ( ) Event Horizon
  173. (X) Ever After: A Cinderella Story
  174. (X) Wizard of Oz
  175. (X) Forrest Gump
  176. (X) Big Trouble in Little China
  177. (X) Overboard
  178. ( ) The Terminator
  179. ( ) The Terminator 2
  180. ( ) The Terminator 3
  181. (X) X-Men
  182. (X) X-2
  183. (X ) X3
  184. (X) Spider-Man
  185. (X) Spider-Man 2
  186. (X) Superman Returns
  187. ( ) Sky High
  188. ( ) Jeepers Creepers
  189. ( ) Jeepers Creepers 2
  190. (X) Catch Me If You Can
  191. (X) Cinderella
  192. (X) Freaky Friday
  193. (X) The Parent Trap (old version)
  194. (X) The Parent Trap (new version)
  195. ( ) Reign of Fire
  196. ( ) The Skulls
  197. (X) Cruel Intentions
  198. ( ) Cruel Intentions 2
  199. ( ) The Hot Chick
  200. (X) Shrek
  201. (X) Shrek 2
  202. ( ) Swimfan
  203. ( ) Miracle on 34th street
  204. (X) Old School
  205. (X) The Notebook
  206. (X)While you Were Sleeping
  207. (X) Steel Magnolias
  208. ( ) K-Pax
  209. ( ) Krippendorf’s Trib
  210. ( ) A Walk to Remember
  211. ( ) Ice Castles
  212. ( ) Boogeyman
  213. (X) The 40-year-old Virgin
  214. (X) Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
  215. (X) Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
  216. (X) Lord of the Rings: Return Of the King
  217. (X) Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
  218. (X) Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
  219. (X) Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  220. ( ) Base-ketball
  221. (X) Basketball Diaries
  222. ( ) Hostel
  223. ( ) Waiting for Guffman
  224. ( ) House of 1000 Corpses
  225. ( ) Devils Rejects
  226. (X) Elf
  227. ( ) Highlander
  228. ( ) Mothman Prophecies
  229. ( ) American History X
  230. ( ) Three
  231. ( ) The Jacket
  232. ( ) Kung Fu Hustle
  233. ( ) Shaolin Soccer
  234. ( ) Night Watch
  235. (X) Titanic
  236. (X) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
  237. (X) Shawshank Redemption
  238. ( ) Shaun Of the Dead
  239. ( ) High Tension
  240. ( ) Club Dread
  241. ( ) Hulk
  242. ( ) Dawn Of the Dead
  243. (X) Hook
  244. (X) Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
  245. (X) 28 days later
  246. ( ) Orgazmo
  247. ( ) Phantasm
  248. ( ) Waterworld
  249. ( ) Kill Bill Vol. 1
  250. ( ) Kill Bill Vol. 2
  251. ( ) Mortal Kombat
  252. ( ) Wolf Creek
  253. (X) Kingdom of Heaven
  254. ( ) the Hills Have Eyes
  255. ( ) I Spit on Your Grave
  256. ( ) The Last House on the Left
  257. ( ) Re-Animator
  258. ( ) Army of Darkness
  259. (X) Star Wars Ep. I The Phantom Menace
  260. (X) Star Wars Ep. II Attack of the Clones
  261. (X) Star Wars Ep. III Revenge of the Sit
  262. (X) Star Wars Ep. IV A New Hope
  263. (X) Star Wars Ep. V The Empire Strikes Back
  264. (X) Star Wars Ep. VI Return of the Jedi
  265. ( ) Ewoks: Caravan Of Courage
  266. ( ) Ewoks: The Battle For Endor
  267. (X) The Matrix
  268. (X) The Matrix: Reloaded
  269. (X) The Matrix: Revolutions
  270. ( ) Animatrix
  271. ( ) Evil Dead
  272. ( ) Evil Dead 2
  273. (X) Drop Dead Fred
  274. ( ) Team America: World Police
  275. ( ) Red Dragon
  276. (X) Silence of the Lambs
  277. (X) Hannibal
  278. (X) Braveheart
  279. (X) Shakespeare in Love
  280. (X) Mulan
  281. (X) Say Anything
  282. (X) Love Stinks
  283. (X) The Family Man
  284. (X) In Her Shoes
  285. (X) Serendipity
  286. (X) The Sweetest Thing
  287. (X) The Breakup
  288. (X) Mr. and Mrs. Smith
  289. (X) Little Women
  290. (X) Poetic Justice
  291. (X) Must Love Dogs
  292. (X) The Pelican Brief
  293. (X) Conspiracy Theory
  294. (X) Notting Hill
  295. (X) Legally Blonde
  296. (X) Legally Blonde 2
  297. (X) Charlies Angels
  298. (X) Charlies Angels 2
  299. (X) 40 Days and 40 Nights
  300. (X) Zathura
  301. (X) Jumanji
  302. (X) Days of Thunder
  303. (X) Goonies
  304. (X) Minority Report
  305. (X) Hitch
  306. (X) Sea Biscuit
  307. (X) Dr. Dolittle
  308. (X) Dr. Dolittle 2
  309. (X) Save The Last Dance
  310. (X) Saving Private Ryan
  311. (X) Gladiator
  312. (X) As Good As It Gets
  313. (X) Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
  314. (X) Indian Summer
  315. (X) Back To The Future
  316. (X) Back To The Future 2
  317. (X) Back To The Future 3
  318. (X) Men in Black
  319. (X) Men in Black 2
  320. (X) Bruce Almighty
  321. (X) The Patriot
  322. ( ) Brokeback Mountain
  323. (X) City Slickers
  324. (X) City Slickers 2
  325. (X) When Harry Met Sally
  326. (X) Sleepless in Seattle
  327. (X) League of Their Own
  328. (X)Forget Paris
  329. (X) French Kiss
  330. (X) You've Got Mail
  331. (X) Cast Away
  332. (X) Philadelphia
  333. (X) Love and Basketball
  334. (X) Love Jones
  335. (X) Sister Act
  336. (X) Sister Act 2
  337. (X) Ghost
  338. (X) Dirty Dancing
  339. (X) Roadhouse
  340. (X) Ghost Busters
  341. (X) Ghost Busters 2
  342. (X) Ghost Busters 3
  343. (X) Flushed Away
  344. (X) Phenomenon
  345. (X) Walk The Line

At my count...I think I have seen 239 of these movies. Maybe that is how I get so much Knitting and Crochet done...I am always watching movies! I can't help it. I love the MOVIES!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mix it Up: Favorite Yarn Bee Scarf

I made this scarf for a friend of mine as a "Your My Best Friend" gift. She loves Pink...just as much as I love eyelash yarn. So, I thought I would mix a few of my favorite Yarn Bee yarns together to get this wonderful thick and visually stimulating scarf!
This works up really fast and is absolutely Beautiful! Great for a beginner who wants to experiment with some novelty yarns. Just a style note: I think the longer the better...makes a nice long line down the front of you to accentuate height not width!
1 skein Yarn Bee Luscious in Parfet
1 skein Yarn Bee Playful in Glittering Ombre
1 ball Yarn Bee Wild Child Eyelash in Pink
Needles: US size 17
Pattern: Cast on 17 K across row (garter stitch), turn; Repeat until scarf measures 60+
Let me know if you make this!

Yarn Bee Italia

I made this wonderful scarf as a special gift for a friend of mine who was having a baby. You all know what it is like when you go to a baby shower and the mom gets all sorts of things for baby but not very much for her. Well, I thought the mom should have a little something special too so I made her this WONDERFULLY SILKY SOFT scarf out of Couture Yarn Bee Italia in Sienna (Ravelry)

LOVE this yarn. Because of the 50% nylon it is so silky soft. Really nice to work with however, I found it easier to use wooden needles vs metal since the yarn is a little slippery.

For the pattern, I decided that I really wanted a nice long "V" or the stitch definition visible so I chose a larger needle than the ball band called for and did a K1P1 Rib throughout. When I was finished I added the tassels to give it some more length and a little Ha-Cha-Cha!

She totally loved the scarf and wears it all the time. She even wore it home from the Shower! Jenni says that it goes with just about everything. That makes me feel really good that she gets real joy out of something that I made from my own two little hands.

I also made a version of this scarf in the Yarn Bee Italia Angelique colorway and it was stunning! I gave it away at the baby shower as a gift for winning one of the games! (Best Shower Gifts Ever...I made six knit scarves out of novelty yarns...they were a hit) Here is a picture of Laura, the girl who won the scarf.(totally wearing it out without knowing that I was going to run into her, you know what I mean those of you who only pull out the homemade scarf that so-in-so made you for Christmas how long ago when you are going to see that person!)

So, here is a pattern for those of you looking for something quick and nice to make out of your new Yarn Bee Italia Yarn:

Made in "Italia"

Yarn: 1 skein of Yarn Bee Italia in Sienna (or any colorway)

Needle: size US 13 (wood needles are good since they hold slippery yarn really well)

Hook: size US I or whatever will do the job for you! (used for adding tassels)


Cast On 21; work a K1P1 rib across, turn; P1K1 rib across, (you will notice that you are kniting your knits and purling your purls) turn. Repeat these two rows until the scarf measures 60+ inches, Bind off.


Cut the yarn in to strands *remember you will fold this in half so cut the yarn double the length you want the tassels to be* (as shown is approx.10 inches then folded in half).

Pick one end of the scarf and using a size I crochet hook attach one or two strands at a time to each stitch across the width of the scarf. So, if you are attaching one strand you will need 22 if you are attaching two strands to one stitch you will need 44. (as shown is one strand to each stitch)

Repeat for the other end of the scarf.

Voila~ you have a wonderful scarf!

Let me know if you make this!